Arcadia FAQs

The home care staff at Arcadia understands that home care may be new to you and your family. As experienced leaders in the home care industry, we are ready to answer your questions.

We want you to feel 100% confident choosing us to care for your loved one. Please review these frequently asked questions and then call our team for more information and to set up your free consultation.

How long has Arcadia Home Care & Staffing been serving their local communities?

Arcadia Home Care & Staffing has been providing home care services for more than 40 years.

Are caregivers directly employed by the Arcadia home care agency?

Arcadia is a direct employer, thus all of our caregivers are Arcadia employees. As such, they are covered by Arcadia’s workers compensation and liability insurance policies. In addition, Arcadia is responsible for all tax withholding and employer contributions for federal and state unemployment insurance.

How does Arcadia Home Care & Staffing select and train caregivers?

Arcadia requires that all caregiver applicants undergo a thorough criminal background check. They are also personally interviewed, their references checked, and finally, they are tested, oriented, and observed performing key caregiver tasks prior to being assigned to a home care client.

How does a caregiver know what to do once they arrive at a clients home?

After meeting with the client and family, an Arcadia Care Coordinator creates a personalized caregiving plan specific to the client’s needs. Our caregivers are expected to follow the service plan which is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure our client’s needs are being met.

How does Arcadia Home Care & Staffing supervise their caregivers?

An Arcadia Care Coordinator regularly performs supervisory visits to evaluate performance. In addition, all service notes are reviewed to ensure that our caregiver is following our service plan.

Are there a minimum number of hours that must be ordered?

Arcadia does not require a minimum number of service hours and provide our services contract free!

Is Arcadia Home Care & Staffing credentialed by an outside entity?

Arcadia obtains home care licenses in all states where they are required and available. Some locations are ACHC or TJC certified.

Can I reach a member of the Arcadia Home Care & Staffing team 24/7?

Arcadia Home Care & Staffing is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached using the branch phone number. We believe this level of customer service is essential to providing outstanding care and service to our clients.

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