Add Safety Features for Seniors at Home

Add Safety Features for Seniors at Home

It’s a fact of life that as we age we experience the world a little differently. People over 65 are often dealing with health issues such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory illnesses. These conditions result in reduced eyesight, poorer balance, less flexibility, and weakened muscles. Others may be suffering from osteoporosis or diabetes. No matter how routine the activity or how familiar the surroundings, at some point all senior citizens are at risk for accidents as a result of these changes in their bodies.

According to Consumer Affairs 80% of falls in the home are in the bathroom. These accidents most often occur at the following times:
  • Climbing into or out of a tub or shower.
  • Sitting down or standing up from the toilet.
  • Using shower chairs that are not slip resistant.
  • Grasping counters or towel bars for balance.
  • Slippery floors.

Arcadia has been providing elderly home care services for over 40 years. We know from experience how essential safety features are for seniors. We recommend adding the following safety features to a bathroom used by an elderly person:

  • Bath Chairs
  • No-Slip Mats
  • Built-In Safety Bars
  • Anti-Scald Faucets

From medication safety to properly equipping a bathroom, we recommend you shore up the ways you protect the well-being of your family member or friend.