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Arcadia Home Care – Elder Care Assistance

As our population ages, more and more of us are learning about home care first hand. Being in two places at once simply isn’t possible, and we at Arcadia understand that. That’s why we provide personal care aides who are available to provide in-home care for your elderly loved one.

Helping Your Loved One Maintain Their Independence

Many seniors prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, but sometimes illness or frequent falls can cause concerned loved ones to look into assisted living centers. With our elderly home care services, your loved one can maintain their independence as they age. Our team provides non-medical care for your loved one in the comfort of their homes. You can rest easy knowing that your parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles are both safe and comfortable.

We Know It’s Hard – We Can Help

As your parents age, it can be difficult to face the reality that you are now caring for the very people who once cared for you. It can also be hard to balance your job, and home life with the new responsibilities of caring for an aging loved one. You love them, but it’s hard to care for them on your own. With elder care assistance from Arcadia, you don’t have to worry. Call today at 866.224.7541 for more information about our services.
Helen - Arcadia Client

Meet Rudolph

Rudolph, an Army Veteran, and his wife have known each other since they were 10 years old!

They’ve been married for over 68 years so it’s safe to say they know each other well!

Listen to Rudolph’s wife, Carol, share their story and how Shirley, an Arcadia caregiver, has made a difference in their lives.

Click on the short video to learn how Arcadia
was able to help Rudolph remain at home,
with the love of his life,
while maintaining his independence.

"She takes very excellent care of the man I love
and to me that is the most important thing.”
~Carol, wife of Arcadia client Rudolph"

Help is only a phone call away! 866.224.7541

Making Care Affordable

Arcadia home care is a national provider of private duty home care service, a leader in the homecare industry since 1978...

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Benefits of Home Care

The benefit of choosing Arcadia Home Care, versus a long term care facility, is one on one, client centered care that...

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Long Term Insurance

Arcadia Home Care holds several national and local contracts, with many different long term care insurance providers...

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Arcadia Home Care sets home care cost, based on level of service, and the customized care plan needed under the direction...

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Home Care at the Highest Standard -
Let Our Family Care For Yours
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Customer Testimonials

Through the years, clients, just like you, have trusted Arcadia with their home care needs. Listen to some of our clients tell you why we’ve been providing home care at the highest standard since 1977.

"My experience with Arcadia has been a positive one. Cassandra has been my caregiver for nearly 15 years. She helps me get dressed and in my chair and prepares my meals for me. Cassandra and my nurses are always willing to accommodate around my schedule so I can hang out with my friends when I want to."
Gary P. - Arcadia Client

Aging parents, Arcadia can help

Gary P.
" My mom’s caregiver, Jody, is just awesome. She takes care of my mom so well, I know I don’t have to worry at all. My mom has Alzheimer’s and it helps that Jody has been here for four years — so, she’s become a familiar face to my mom and they’ve gotten into a good routine. Jody knows my mom so well that she knows exactly what my mom needs, just by the look on her face."
Virginia W. - Arcadia Client

Our caregiver knows exactly what my mom needs.

Virginia W.
"I needed someone I could trust and who could get me ready for the day. I’ve been really happy with Denise. She listens and pays attention to my needs. And most importantly, I feel safe with her."
Richard M. - Arcadia Client

Arcadia matched me with a caregiver I really like.

Richard M.
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With compassion, respect and years of expertise, Arcadia works closely with you to create a specialized care plan that will help to accomplish your goals.